1. Solar Panels Don’t Work When It’s Cloudy

No one likes a sunless, cloudy day. But your solar panels don’t mind. Even though solar panels work best in direct sunlight, they still can use indirect sunlight to generate power. Because solar panels can use direct or diffused light, as long as the clouds aren’t too dense your panels will generate power.

2. Solar is Unaffordable

Being too expensive is probably the biggest myth on this list. With progressing technology and widely available tax credits and incentives, prices have dropped by more than 80% in the last decade or so, according to the World Economic Forum. It’s true that upfront costs may seem expensive but the long-term cost savings pay off tremendously and the system will help hedge against future utility rate hikes.

3. Solar Panels Will Ruin My Roof

Solar panels actually protect and preserve your roof. When installed, they sit above your roof and protect your it from damaging UV rays. An additional benefit is the shade from the panels will help keep your attic cooler. However, it’s important to check your roof before installation to ensure it is not damaged and is in good shape to hold solar panels.

4. Solar Panels Can Lower Your Home’s Value

According to a study conducted by Zillow, solar panels can actually increase the appraisal value by 4.1% on average. Every buck a solar panel can save you on electricity bills raises the value of your home by $20, per the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. With homeowners increasingly becoming more environmentally conscious, expect to get a boost to your home’s value.

5. I Can Get Free Solar Panels From the Government

This is not true. And it’s not true that the government requires solar installation companies to give it free to customers either. Be wary of any company that claims otherwise, especially if they are trying to collect your personal information. Only ever work with reputable solar companies that are licensed contractors and have a solid online reputation.

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