Giving feels good, but that’s not just why we do it. We give to the things we believe in and want to see grow and thrive. That is why we donated $2,500 to the One Fresno Foundation. We believe in the mission and we support what they do. 

The One Fresno Foundation is an organization that focuses on building a better community in Fresno. Their mission is to give everyone a chance to thrive in their hometown. Their goal is to make Fresno an “inclusive, prosperous, beautiful city where people take pride in their neighborhoods and community.” 

September 1st was a day of cheerfulness, knowing our donation was going to a good cause. 

The One Fresno Foundation focuses especially on the youth—to teach coming generations the value of caring for one another and the city they live in. They offer many opportunities to get involved, such as Camp Fresno, which focuses on “restoring our youth” by giving them the opportunity to get away and grow as individuals. Another program offered by the One Fresno Foundation is Beautify Fresno, which is all about making Fresno beautiful again by cleaning up neighborhoods, streets, and highways. They also offer a sponsorship program to help give every youth the opportunity to visit the Fresno Chaffee Zoo. 

In order to help a city thrive, we believe teamwork is the key. We are passionate about helping the community we are a part of, and we want to encourage you to do the same. If you would like to donate, or get involved with the One Fresno Foundation, visit their website at Let’s give back to our community!

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